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The Gold Standard in Opioid Risk Assessment

PainCAS is a Web-based clinical tool for assessing pain and opioid risk in chronic pain patients.


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Standardize Your Pain and Opioid Risk Assessment Process

PainCAS minimizes clinician variability and the likelihood of miscommunication or deficits in care by facilitating a streamlined and consistent patient assessment process.

Key Features Include:

Patient Assessments

Pain Assessments

Comprehensive initial and follow-up questionnaires capture the patient’s pain condition, treatment history and changes over time.


The Screener and Opioid Assessment for Patients with Pain (SOAPP) and the Current Opioid Misuse Measure (COMM) are validated tools that assess the likelihood of aberrant drug related behaviors.

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At-a-Glance Reports

Healthcare Provider Reports

Present the pertinent positives from the patient assessment in a visually intuitive manner, while giving a graphical overview of treatment progress.

Patient reports

Present assessment responses in an easy-to-read report card format, keeping the patient informed and engaged in treatment.

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Improve Clinical Workflow

By replacing traditional paper and pencil assessments, PainCAS improves workflow related to administering and documenting patient pain and opioid risk assessments.

PainCAS Benefits:

Healthcare Providers

  • Facilitates compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Offers monitoring recommendations based on patient’s risk of aberrant drug-related behaviors
  • Patients receive customized pain self-management and medication safety education from
  • Providers receive relevant pain management information based on patient’s assessment answers from
  • Patients receive customized pain self-management and medication safety education.

Healthcare Organizations

  • Standardizes how patients are assessed across the organization.
  • Streamlines workflow for administering and documenting patient assessments.
  • Offers data-driven evaluation of outcomes, quality improvement, and research.
  • Optimizes resource utilization by enabling patients to complete assessments remotely.


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Call: 1 (800) 848 - 3895